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Quick abstract piece I did today.

No plan, no thought, just let my mind guide my hand.  Stream of consciousness.

I have no idea if I like it or not, I just needed to do something. I like how it moves.  Like a release of something.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Watercolor and pen and ink.

Perfect remedy for a cold, wet, dreary evening:

-A hot, hot, hot shower with a ratio of about 10:1 of standing under the water and enjoying the heat versus actual cleaning of your crevices.

-Uncorking a new bottle of yummy red wine from Spain (Baron de Barbon Oak Aged Rioja 2010).  Very dry, fruity, with a hint of vanilla.

-An excellent book to read. (Neil Gaiman's American Gods)

-Miles Davis playing on my iPod.

Only a few things could have made it better.

We didn't quite get the snow we were supposed to today, but it was still rather miserable out.  It has been raining for four straight days now, and tomorrow looks no different.

It's a bit depressing.  I was planning on buying a bicycle and to start getting out on the weekend.  Exercise and fresh air.  I may have to put it off for awhile as May is probably going to be very April in nature.  Nothing but low 50's and rain.  

I need to become a more outdoors person...and not just an outdoors on the patio at a bar drinking.  There are things I want to see.  I love the beauty of nature too much not to get my fingers into it more often.

I will draw tomorrow.  I need to.  It is bothering me too much.  All I've done lately is my little postscripts (I need to make some of them into finished pieces soon), and not too many of them.  If it wasn't for Draw Something on my phone I'd be drawing nothing.  

I'll make it work.  I owe some things to some people, and I owe it to myself to get past this block.  Hopefully I'll have something new to put on my Deviant Art page tomorrow.  Even if I don't finish anything, I'll do something.  And not just add to the paper graveyard.
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Thomas S Robbins
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I once tried to make art my career, never quite worked out. Now it's just an enjoyable hobby...a way to do things for friends. I like it better that way.

If ya wanna know something about me that's not listed here, just ask. I won't bite....unless you want me to.

I'm a Sagittarius.

I don't believe in the zodiac, astrology, tarot or any other form of future divination...the future is chaos to be molded by free will.

I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts. Art is my love and my will never be my job.

I work for a customs broker.

My legs bend backwards. is still the greatest website ever made.

I fall in love easily.

I have a hard time opening up.

I'm shy until I'm comfortable with you.

I have a horrible sense of humor. Love black comedy, inappropriate humor, etc. I will laugh at the worst things at the worst time. Never take me to a sad movie.

I'm smarter than the average bear, and I'm proud of it.

I hate stress.

I'm an atheist...and that doesn't mean I hate religion or faith or think I know that god doesn't exist. My ego isn't that out of control. I just have no reason to believe in a creator.

I'll be your most loyal friend, someone you can always count on...but if you hurt me, I have a hard time forgiving. I learned the hard way about second chances.

I'm drawn to a woman's eyes first...I'm not saying I'm not looking at your boobs, but eyes move me. Boobs move me as well...they just move a particular part of me.

I don't believe sexuality is a choice.

I also don't believe attraction has real limitations, just artificial societal ones.

If you're against gay marriage, or gay anything, why? Why is there this special sort of bigotry against something that effects you in no real way whatsoever? Please, bring your non-evolved mind out of the dark ages.

Bill Hicks is my hero.

I wanna be a Jedi when I grow up.

The Coen Brothers are the greatest living filmmakers.

Akira Kurosawa is the greatest dead filmmaker. Go watch his movies and witness the birth of modern storytelling on film.

I am a huge film snob and lover of movies. Especially classic movies from the silent era and the early years of the big studios. There is just something about those films, that era, that makes me wish I had a time machine.

Humphrey Bogart is my favorite actor.

I have a man crush on Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp.

I don't really have a favorite actress. Weird. I think Kate Beckinsale is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood right not though.

I used to consider myself a Republican. It's just too embarrassing now. I've really always been more of a Libertarian at heart. The government should exist to protect us from foreign enemies, crime, and help the helpless. Everything else is my business, not the government's. That includes what I put in my body.

All drugs should have been legalized a long time ago. We truly learned nothing from prohibition. My body, my's really that simple as long as I don't hurt someone else.

My favorite US President was Theodore Roosevelt.

I love to read....wish I had more time to indulge in it. A good book is quite possibly the greatest escape in the world. Only sketching relaxes me more. Getting completely lost in a great book is something everyone should experience. I get very turned on by a gal with a huge book rack. I will fondle your Kindle in very inappropriate ways...

I wish it was always Spring or Fall.

I like making people smile and laugh. It makes me feel so good I sometimes feel like an emotional vampire. I wish I could bottle it.

I'm 50% Irish, 25% French and 25% Canadian. I like to drink, act like I'm better than you, and watch hockey while I do both of those things.

I will travel to Europe before I die and see all of the great art and architecture of the Renaissance.

I love animation...Disney, Anime, Stop Motion...there's an imagination and beauty that film rarely comes close to. Watch one Miyazaki Hayao film and you'll be just like me...

I love peanut butter.

I like coffee as more than a friend.

I'm a dog person. A big dumb dog person.

Penguins are awesome! People should be more like penguins.

I want to find my penguin. I want someone to live for, and to know in my heart that they are my world.

I prefer texting to actually talking on the phone. I despise talking on the phone. It's an extremely uncomfortable experience. I'm not really all that good at talking period. My brain and mouth don't work well together. If you want my number, just ask.

I despise people that stifle creativity.

I hate it when people that I think are beautiful and would give my right arm just to hold their hand and look in their eyes put themselves down.

I'd rather you make me think than make me hard. It takes nothing to make me hard. A person that can challenge my mind can do whatever they please with my body.

Free speech is very much in danger in this country...just remember, the First Amendment doesn't exist to protect speech everyone likes. Nobody will stop me from telling you that puppy dogs are cute. It exists to protect speech that might hurt your feelings, might make you upset, might make you think and question what you believe. It's your right to listen or not listen.

I love all kinds of music. Music, like art, should be embraced with an open mind and heart. Art snobs should just have their brains sewn shut.

I could spend all day talking about my favorite bands, but the ones that have had the biggest impact on me are Pearl Jam, Bad Religion, and Tool.

Television is a brain disease for the most part, but occasionally I fall in love...a few examples would be Dr. Who, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Archer and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Babylon 5, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Farscape.

I've been a huge fan of comic books since I was a kid. You can't beat pictures and words. X-Men has always been my favorite. For those that think comics are kids stuff, I have some suggestions that will change your mind...simply look for names like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, or Grant Morrison and get back to me. Some of the finest literature I've encountered came in comic book form.

I feel pretty much the same way about videogames. They eat up way too much of my time, but some are just painfully brilliant. My screen name, Philemon, is from the Persona game series. Few things have stimulated my mind as much as a brilliant RPG can.


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